Commercial Roofing in El Paso TX

Commercial Roofing in El Paso TX

JM Roofing Construction is the #1 contractor for commercial roofing in El Paso, TX. We are a team of licensed and bonded technicians, and we handle all roof-related works from repair and replacement to shingle installation and flashing.

Advantages of flat roofs in commercial buildings

The type of material used, its color, landscaping, signage, etc., in a place of business, receives more attention and plays an important role in adding to the overall curb appeal of the property. A healthy and attractive looking building invites more customers, promotes brand image and credibility. Having said that, when it comes to roofs, flat roofing is most recommended for commercial property or an industrial complex. Some of the benefits of installing flat roofs include:

  • The initial installation cost is much lower than other types of roofs
  • The cost of maintenance and repairs are on the lower end
  • It is more versatile and offers more space on the top floor of the building
  • In case of repairs and maintenance, it is easily accessible
  • It has a greater resistance to wind and reduces potential damage
  • If you plan on installing green roofing, flat roofs can easily accommodate such initiatives.

Besides, flat roofs add an attractive design to your property while also protecting your structure's integrity. We offer affordable commercial roofing in El Paso, TX, that stands the test of time.

Common commercial roof problems

Commercial roofs are no exception to wear and tear and other structural problems. Some of the common roofing problems in these properties include:

  • Leaks - If your building is an area that receives a lot of rainfall around the year, leaks are a definite possibility. Leaks can occur as a result of bad adhesion, lack of proper maintenance, poor installation, plumbing repairs, unclean gutters, etc. The moisture can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, rot, and severely compromise your building's structure.
  • Standing water - There are high chances for water to get accumulated in certain areas of your roof. Inadequate drainage, the build-up of debris, poor installation, etc., can result in stagnant waters on your roof.
  • Erosion - Roofs are prone to wear and tear, which can, over time, cause erosion. This can result in splitting, blistering, and shorten a roof's lifespan.

Besides these problems, shrinkage, wind uplift, punctures, storm damage, are some of the other common problems faced by roofs. Poor craft and lack of maintenance can also lead to costly roof repairs in commercial structures.

Are roofs covered under commercial property insurance?

Most commercial property insurance offers comprehensive coverage, but damages for roofing problems are subject to constraints. Make sure to buy a policy that offers coverage for roofs in its entirety. Most insurers offer coverage for insect damage, wind, and storm damage. However, policies do not offer coverage for roof damage from HVAC, installation of new signage, poor maintenance, and wear and tear.

JM Roofing Construction specializes in commercial roof services and was awarded an A+ rating by the BBB. We offer unsurpassed commercial roofing in El Paso, TX, at affordable prices. Call us today for a consultation.

Commercial Roofing in El Paso TX
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Commercial Roofing in El Paso TX
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